Brad Day Productions 2019

"The Racer" follows the life of a mans passion for Motor Racing and the Porsche 911 all the way from when he was a young boy. 

Production: Day Productions

Director: Brad Day

Cinematographer: Brad Day

Camera Operators:  Brad Day, Adam Griffith, Thomas Schaffer 

1st Assistant Camera: Adam Griffith

Tracking Car Driver: Sean Day

Stunt Driver 1: Dan Day

Stunt Driver 2: Simon Hodge

Stunt Driver 2: 

Kart Driver: Bradley Axford 

Child: Liam Sickerdick

Male: Barry Havenga

Female: Ellen Pollard

Special Thanks to:

S&J Automotive 

Nigel Williamson 

The Bend Motorsport Park

Mallala Motorsport Park

Bolivar Kart Track 

Buick Motorworks 

Camera Gear:

Red Digital Cinema Dragon 6K

LOMO anamorphic lenses 

Canon Cinema Glass

DJi Ronin 2